The Eyewear Brand To Keep On Your Radar This Season

Though the weather might not seem fully settled just yet, this brand could be the answer to slake your wildest trend desires in a heartbeat.

Chidozie Obasi

KYme eyewear frames are fashioned through an innovative whim and a great cluster of passion. Like an unceasing flow of water, when it arises just like the supremacy of the sea, everything can disrupt clichés and generate a new shape within the eyewear’s world. Here is why this label is not to be belittled: past and present are fused together in a tasteful balance of style, research and eclectic design. In 2013 KYme started with the creative energy of a KYMA, which in ancient Greek alludes to a “wave” (an astute move, right?)

The artistic vision and the sophisticated mood envisioned in KYme’s items are both associated to the practicality and the sagacious artisanship of Venetian craftsmen. The contact between North and South of the territory in which they’re produced, creates a cooperation between solid inventive forces, molding the imperfect into sleek perfection. Exclusive and matchless pieces in their singularity are then formed, elevating the true essence of the so named “Made in Italy.”

And you, what are you waiting for? Check out the frames in the below gallery and shop them here. Assured your wish lists will not fail to overflow…


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