The Hotel for the Millennial Generation

Dennis Van Peel

Summer retreats are undeniably upcoming, meaning that most people will be leaving their country seeking for warmer destinations. If we have a think about notable places like Turkey or Spain, we’re only able to imagine crowded buses swamped with tourists or families going on holiday, lodging in hotels with the largest waterslides you could possibly find.

Though, at this stage? Well, it’s time to reframe your mind.

For a few years up to the present days, an eminent hotel chain named Cook’s Club, buys family hotels dating back to the 60’s and 70’s, reconstructing outdated structures by giving them a modernised “Millennial” look. The hotels feature a simple yet clean set of interiors, tasty menus, a blissful pool and a DJ booth serving excellent music to end every day delightfully. And what’s more emblematic about the Millennial generation than social media?  Every corner of the hotel is Instagrammable, as its characterised by a clean, Bohemian and minimalistic design.

Currently, the chain has launched in eight cities, such as Alanya, Marmaris, Crete, Kos, Mallorca, Sunny Beach, Rhodos and El Gouna. The following plan of the organisation is to expand even more. Cook’s Club is keen to deliver a holiday where the next generation of travellers can have fun and enjoy their well-deserved “Summer detox.”

Moreover, the location features a lustrous shore and a restaurant, offering further extraordinary amenities such as a virtual reality room and a karaoke/disco bar.

If nightlife is for you, the bar scene won’t let you down.

Stressed for not being able to find you top Summer destination?

This might be the culmination to every holiday dilemma you might have!

Book your trip now.


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