The Kalka – Shimla Express

Dennis Van Peel

After traveling through the Golden Triangle of India (see the previous Indian posts), we still had 2 days before heading back home. First, we wanted to take a flight to Mumbai, but domestic flights are still expensive compared to other Asian countries. For this reason, we decided to head back to Delhi and explore some of the villages nearby the capital.

Apparently, the North of India is totally different compared to the Golden Triangle. For this reason, we decided to search in this direction. We found online that there was a ‘toy train’ traveling between Kalka and Shimla. Kalka is a town 300 kilometers away from Delhi. You can reach it by taking the night train (which we recommend) of 7 hours or by express train during the day which will only take 3 or 4 hours.

After taking the night train, it’s possible to take the ‘toy train’ immediately to Shimla. During this ride, you’ll see the sun coming up through the mountains, which is beautiful. Check the photos below if you don’t believe me. This Kalka-Shimla Express will take you in 4 hours to the Northern colonial town of Shimla.

Shimla was a small village which actually nobody knew, before the reign of the British Empire. During their reign, the whole government (including all the British elite) moved to the North as it was way too hot in the other parts of the country. Since then, Shimla became the place to be each Summer. After the British left, Shimla is still a flourishing town in the mountains. Many people live there and a lot of tourist are visiting this cosy town when planning a travel in the Northern part of India.


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