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Weejow beautiful people, how I love festival season. Already looking forward to this weekend’s festival WeCanDance at the seaside. What I will be wearing? My newly customized old-school denim jacket from Levi’s. Where did I get it? Well, last week I got invited in Amsterdam for a special edition of the Levi’s tailor shop in collaboration with Harvey Milk Aids foundation (remember the breathtaking academy award winning movie “Milk” with Sean Penn? Well, it’s named after that guy).


We have come a long way in our fight against Aids but we can’t loose our focus that prevention is still key to overcome this disease. As we all know Aids is very common in the LGBT community and with the Europride taking place in Amsterdam last weekend the timing of this event couldn’t have been more perfect. Therefore Levi’s made a special collection for Harvey Milk and the profits of this collection go straight to the foundation.  Hands down for Levi’s.


I had to best time in Amsterdam (special thanks to Sara) and as I told you I got to customize my very own denim jacket. Curious for the result? Well, here you already have a glimpse of what it looks like but for the final result you’ll have to wait until this weekend at WeCanDance. Come and join me this Saturday at WeCanDance in Zeebrugge and you will be able to customize, rip & repair your favorite Levi’s denim item. Can’t join me? Well, then I would suggest following my adventures on Snapchat & Instagram!


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