The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Dennis Van Peel

The magical allure of the Taj Mahal draws tourists from all over the planet to Agra. And despite the hype, it’s won’t disappoint you. Thousands of tourist are entering the gate of the Taj every year and we definitely understand why. Almost all of them want that miraculous picture with the sun rising behind the Taj and no one in the background. If you’re up for a  challenge, we have a few tips for you.

Sleep in Agra so you can go before the first train from Delhi arrives. Also, buy your tickets online. This will be cheaper and you don’t need to queue two times in the morning. The entrance to the Taj will open around 5.30 AM and the sun will rise around 6AM. This sunrise is as stunning as the building in front of you. Take some pictures in front of it, but don’t waste too many time there, as everybody will do so. Go to the Southern gate (as you will enter from the Eastern one). As everyone will stay in front of the Taj for taking selfies etc. you’ll have the gate alone for you. This will give you the miracolous photos with the Taj in the middle of the gate (see below). The sun will rise from the East which will perfectly reflect on the Taj. If the sun comes a bit higher, this is the best moment to take a shot standing in front of the Taj at the Southern side. By now, probable more people will have found their way to the Southern Gate, so Photoshop can help as well ;).


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