This Week’s Style Crush: Meet Manuel Otgianu

Itching for all things minimal, Mattgstyle chose to speak to Manuel Otgianu, a digital entrepreneur cemented into the social media world making it his own.

An example for the younger generation eager to

bounce right similar this professional path.


Let’s rush to get to know him!


Chidozie Obasi


Hey Manuel! Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi guys! My name is Manuel Otgianu and I’m 30. I grew up in a small village somewhere in northern Italy: steeply cliffs and unflustered people.

I’m an idealist, a dreamer, an inventor. Forever tinkering with cameras and editing apps, always in search of the better. I started using Instagram because I have always been profoundly passionate about photography.

At a stage of my life, I began to think: with so many opportunities, chances are that I will find a way to do what I love. So, I decided to move to Milan, – my favourite city in Italy – and take my creative process ever so seriously. I couldn’t have taken a better decision.



What position do you cover in the Fashion Industry?

I’m the Founder and Editor of, a place where my partner and I, Alessio, love to chat all things menswear, lifestyle, travel, and complain about how we miss summer.

It’s an ideal opportunity to challenge ourselves: it’s of course demanding, but extremely rewarding. I don’t think we’d have it in any other way.


Can you tell us about your career path?

I started working with small companies, collaborating with some important brands in the fashion industry. I feel that I need the best of the best to create my gallery, and I expect nothing less from the people who I collaborate with. The rule is one and only: if it excites you, start getting creative. And I’m extremely happy with where it is going.


Style Inspirations

I usually find inspiration from the streets all the way to menswear icons of the past! Everything surrounding me is sort of inspirational.


Style Tips you

Explore, play, get a rebellious attitude. And don’t forget that“Less is more”. Always


How would you describe your style and what influences you?

A minimal, yet sophisticated style. Clean, but full of details. When is done right, it can make more of an impact than even the richest outfit blends. This isn’t as simple as it sounds.

The labels you’ll find in my wardrobe this season? From Burberry to Acne Studios. But, of course, it’s not just what you’re wearing. It’s how you’re going to w


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