This Week’s To-Shop Brand: Weekday

Chidozie Obasi

Owning a proud Swedish heritage at heart, Weekday is a streetwear focussed label influenced by modern-day youth culture. Featuring a vast array of apparel selection – unquestionably able to satiate consumer’s shopping appetite – the brand has taken a serious step by producing a 100% recycled collection this forth-coming season.

Collaborating with Recover, the brand has proudly produced a collection entirely made by recycled fabrics. Rich blue tones emphasise the collection, juxtaposed with greys and whites. But let’s not forget the exquisite textures, structures and oversized volume, prevailing yet enriching details which enhance the overall beauty of the apparel.

Inspired by the slogan “own your own choices”, the brand’s focus revolves around the concept stating that the future is something to be achieved and not given for granted.

The mindset is utterly right, and so is the message: Weekday believes that individuals hold the power to change their lives and make choices regarding the environment.

If this is taken into consideration, one realises that the collection is made out of a sustainable process and consists of 100% recycled fabrics (as judiciously shown on the label), ranging from casual loungewear all the way to sophisticated workwear.


Workwear denim, the new way forward?


*basket’s pretty full, oh dear! *


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