Throwback to the warmer days!

Matthias Geerts



Hello Folks,


Hope you all had a nice weekend and a productive Monday! 🙂
Me myself had super rough weekend lol. I went out on Friday and kept on dancing until early in the morning. Showing off my moves in the club haha.


As I was scrolling through my old pictures I found some leftovers from my vacation in Benidorm, Of which some I haven’t shared with you guys yet. As a result I thought, for all those who are planning a warm getaway or want to get some inspiration for next summer, to share these photographs with you! Ha


Wearing a striped trousers and a light white shirt, combined with comfy espadrilles from Manebi.
I might order a new pair for my next trip to Chile, which is just 15 days away. Time flies doesn’t it.. and I still have so much to do.













Trousers by Tommy Hilfiger


Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger


Espadrilles c/o Manebi | Shop here


Watch c/o Calvin Klein




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