Tips and tricks for your wardrobe during the transitional season

Winter is nearly coming to an end and Spring is nearly approaching. This is when deciding what to wear can become a struggle, as the Belgian weather can be unpredictable. In order to tackle this situation and be able to dress during the transitional season, it’s all about layering. Having the right layers is key, but there are a few more tips we have at Mattgstyle. Here are some tips and tricks on how to dress without breaking a sweat or getting too cold. I know, the struggle is real.

1. Invest in good top layers.

Rain can break out any minute and temperatures fluctuate drastically from one day to the other. The solution is to invest in a breathable yet insolating outer layer, that keeps you warm when it’s cold, but is also easy to carry with you when you get too hot. Fashion wise there are two essential items you should have during this period, a bomber jacket and a trench coat. A bomber jacket is super versatile and will look good with anything. It’s an item that will keep you look cool during the transitional season. Secondly the trench coat, one of the benefits of having a trench coat is that it is waterproof as well as wind resistant. Furthermore, it is the easiest item to dress up your look with only one swing over your shoulder. We suggest going for neutral colors such as navy, beige or grey when picking these items as these colors will go with anything.

2. Wear intelligent fabrics

Never heard of this? Well you’ve probably already heard about high performance wool, this is a breathable fabric that is also crease-resistant. Secondly there is something like tropical wool, this keeps sweat away by virtue of its natural wicking properties while it also breaths thanks to the looser weave. Some brands will highlight these clever fabrics during the changeable spring temperatures, so make sure to invest in a few and layer them up with your regular wardrobe items.

3. Boots

You still have to wait a while to wear your sandals and espadrilles, your footwear needs to be resilient. There are many styles of boots you could choose, from worker boots to dessert boots. However, the ultimate boots we recommend are Chelsea boots. Going for this style of boots will instantly up your look.

4. Get yourself a good deodorant

Simple but oh so important. High-quality, ultra-long-lasting antiperspirant is your companion in the battle against breaking a sweat in this season. Moreover, buy a product which doesn’t leave white marks, nothing worse than deodorant-induced zebra stripes on your new navy sweater.

5. Carry the right bag

Laptop bags, messenger bags, satchels or weekend bags are all very good options. Just avoid wearing a backpack as this will increase your chances of back sweat as the weather warms up. Furthermore, you won’t look like you are running off to school.



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