Trappers On Track: Meet The Duo Shaking Up The Electronic World!

Bro Berri

They’ve landed: an emerging set of brothers “funkin’ up” the globe through a matchless music genre, Bro Berri have a strong sense of direction when it comes to developing their artistry.

Chidozie Obasi

Come on, let’s chat to them shall we!


Hello there, so how are you doing today?

Really good thank you, sun is shining and we’re ready for another great day!


What are your full names?
Stefano and Enrico Berretti.


Where did you grow up?

We were raised in a little town near Rome, called Civitavecchia.


If you could describe yourselves in 3 words…

Brotherly, persevering, and… unrelenting dreamers!


How long have you been doing music for?

Enrico, who’s the youngest, started using “FL Studio” since he turned 15. On the other hand, Stefano started dedicating himself to the technical side and began singing when he commenced the project “Bro Berri”, six years ago.


What’s the favourite thing about your job?

Unquestionably, we’d have to say traveling the world! We’re both passionate when it comes to sharing our vision and our energy with different audiences. Thanks to the power of the music, everyone gets in a much better mood!


How did you start up? How did you evolve?

Enrico started producing electronic music in our bedroom with a single project, which soon appealed to a vast array of local radio stations in Italy. At the same time, Stefano was traveling the world due to his modeling career, hinting his tracks in all the places he visited. After a year, we decided to unite each other in a duo which got called “Bro Berri”.

For the both of us, it was the start of a new whole new sound blending mixed our voices with strong drops. It formed a captivating vision from us both, giving it an international setting.

We want to conquer the entire world, through our talent, not limiting to our hometown.


Why Music in particular?

Music is probably the strongest type of art existing at the moment. It has the power to let people express a concept without speaking. That’s powerful, but also magical; music is the only drug that will never kill you. We love making it! Growing that sense of freedom through a song is just astounding.


Is there something that makes your personas unique?

Staying true to ourselves, that’s what we both agreed upon since the day one.

We are who we are thanks to our characters, which will hopefully emerge and inspire younger generations. Dreams do exist and they do come to reality. We will work our hardest to prove it to all who watch and listen to us.


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt, being in the Music industry?

The music industry is like an ocean. At the start you are a little component of it; you mustn’t be afraid to express the artist you think you are – otherwise you crumble.

The beginning phase will see one lacking support. You’re the only one who can strive for the stars.


Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in Music?

“When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, says Paulo Coelho.

Trust no one and fight to assert your vision. Never give up on your dreams and one day, you will have what you always wanted. Study, apply yourself and better yourself day after day.


Would you like to express one last thing?

We just released a new single called “Oh My Gosh” which you can stream on Spotify, so make sure to grab your earphones and… shuffle it now, ha-ha!

One day, it would be sensational having the privilege to meet the crowd who had the chance to read this article and of course, grasp their opinion about our music too.

Never stop dreaming guys!

Photo credit : Christian Rigillo


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