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Matthias Geerts

Hi guys, 

One of the things I want to do more in 2015 is travel! 
This year I should find the time and the money to explore the world a bit more.. 
I’m planning quite some trips, first up next week is Florence, 
the rest is still a surprise for later…

In the meanwhile I still have to stick to my winter wardrobe. 
I’m wearing a leather jacket from asos, some jeans from Hollister Co. 
and a sweater of Tommy Hilfiger. 
This combination simply can’t go wrong. 
The colours match, 
its casual and the leather jacket keeps me warm. 
Thanks for reading, hope you get inspired!

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I’m wearing:

Jeans(Hollister Co.) Pull (c/o Tommy Hilfiger)
Shoes (c/o Sacha) – Jacket (Asos)
bracelet (c/o Braca Bracelets)


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