Tropical mint vibes

Matthias Geerts

He guys,

Tropical weather, that’s what I’m wishing for now. Take me back to Asia please! Although I have to say we did had some hot & sunny days the past couple weeks. Of course, when students are in their finals, it is the only period during the year that we have tropical temperatures… I remember when I was still studying, it was always freaking hot outside and the perfect weather to go to the beach or the pool. Now I can finally enjoy this weather once in a while. Still, I have my emails to go through, articles to write and a number of other stuff taking in most of my time. But then again that’s what I love to do so I’m grateful for every day I can do this and hope to continue doing this for quite some time. So thanks for all the support during all this time guys. Appreciate it!

Tropical, that’s what you can call this jacket for sure. Jack and Jones gifted me this last week and I wore it immediately as it fitted great combined with my black jeans and grey knitted tee. Perfect for grey ish days and you still want to own that tropical vibe!

Happy weekend guys!

Photography by Dennis Van Peel with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Jacket c/o Jack and Jones | More Jackets here
Jeans by Asos | Shop here
Tee by COS | Shop here
Bracelets by Reclaimed Vintage | Shop here
Watch c/o Brathwait | Shop here
Shoes c/o Hogan | Shop here


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