Turtle Night

Matthias Geerts
Hi Guys, Yesterday I attended the opening of the new Clouds of fashion store.
Maybe you still remember that I had a fun collaboration with them last year 
when I designed 5 T-shirts for their runway collection. 
I’ll tell you something more about the brand soon. To attend the opening I pulled out my navy blue suit from H&M. 
This time I combined it with a turtleneck sweater to give the suit a whole other look. 
The time that it was not done to wear sneakers under a dressed outfit has definitely 
disappeared, it even has become a common trend. 
My sneakers nicely match with my belt and sweater making all items of my outfit to fit together. I had a lovely evening yesterday, 
good luck again Laurentine, your store is a beauty!
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I’m wearing:
Turtle neck (Asos) Suit (c/o H&M Selected by David Beckham)
Hat (Asos) – Shoes (Nike Sportwear)
Watch (c/o Daniel Wellington)


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