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Matthias Geerts


Hi Guys,

Another day another outfit! This look somehow makes me feel as if I was on a holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean. The bright sun, the old buildings and the old cobble roads are the perfect scenery for a movie scene or in my case for a photo shoot…
That day temperatures weren’t extremely high, it was the perfect weather to go outside and wear a lightweight jacket with some comfortable shoes to go for a walk downtown.

I like to show you what I wear on the daily and this outfit is another example of what I would wear on a normal sunny day. By now you probably know I am a sucker for soft toned colors as I’m showing again with this outfit. When I’m out for a walk I tempt to lose track of time and that is why I am wearing my favorite watch from Raidillon. This watch fits perfect with my look and gives that extra touch to the entire look. As a wise man once said, watches are named so as a reminder, if you don’t watch carefully what you do with your time, it will slip away from you. So don’t waste it but also don’t forget to take some time of your own.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, now you are ready to go!

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I’m wearing:
Trousers (c/o by MisterMen) – Jacket (c/o Boohoo Men)
Pull (H&M) – Shoes (c/o Frank Wright)
Chronograph (c/o Raidillon)


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