Waves on my Tee

Matthias Geerts

Hi guys,

Ow sunny day!! 
As most of you know the climate in Belgium is not really good. 
We have quite some rain during the whole year and we always long for some sunshine. 
But every once a year there is that one day in March when the weather is suddenly 
amazingly good and all of a sudden everyone is really optimistic. 
Last Sunday was that day, haha, 
I was out with friends enjoying some fresh beverages and without knowing it felt like 
Summer had started. Life was good and everyone was happy! 
But then … That awful Monday morning, you wake up with a small hangover, 
you realize you have to go to work and you look outside and you all you see is grey clouds 
everywhere! Well, it’s that moment when you realize you are still in your lovely country 
Belgium and you get back with your two feet on the ground and carry on again. 

Now, let’s look back for a moment to that very optimistic day and what I was wearing. 
Sunshine asks for some light denim and some playful details. 
I love wearing light washed denim and luckily this summer you will see it a lot again! 
And what do you think about my T-shirt. 
I’m almost one with the background. Waves on my shirt and feeling like a Summer day at 
the beach. Since my look is quite old school with my denim jacket I thought, 
why not wear these everlasting cool kid Converse All-stars! 
Perfect outfit for a very optimistic day don’t you think!?

Okay guys, 
I think its time I wake up again! 
Thanks for reading and keep that optimistic but maybe al little naïve vibe! 
It’s what keeps you positive!

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I’m wearing:

Jeans(Hollister Co.) Tee (Hollister Co.)
Shoes (Converse, All Stars) – Jeans Jacket (Pull and Bear)
Bracelets (c/o Braca-Bracelets and Chanman)


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