Wet but Fresh

Matthias Geerts

Hey fellas!

How are you doing? Today we’re talking about typical holiday classics again!
Dubai was really beautiful, however it needs to be your thing, I mean it so artificial but it has his charm. It is something completely different and you have to see it once. Look where I am: surrounded by palm trees, a huge swimming pool and this in the middle of the desert!

The temperatures were extremely high, I mean 35°C in the middle of the night is just too much isn’t it? During the day I couldn’t handle the sun longer then 10 minutes without jumping in the pool!

So shooting this outfit was quite heavy haha.
Speaking about shooting, I’m wearing one of those classics that are trending once more this summer again.
The short shorts for men; perhaps you guys should consider buying a pair!
If you’re not into these bright colors, go for grey or black like me.
You can wear them with any kind of T-shirt but I wanted to keep it monochrome so I went for a classic white one with a deep V-neck!
Shirts weren’t that much an option for me; I did some outfits in the evening wearing shirts however a lightweight T-shirt was the best fit for these temperatures.

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I’m wearing:
Shorts (H&M) – Tee (All Saints)
Flip Flops (c/o Colmar Originals) – Shades (Ray Ban)
Bracelet (c/o Braca-Bracelets)


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