What to wear on a Job interview?

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Dressing yourself for a job interview can be quite difficult. Nevertheless it is a very important aspect of your appearance and is certainly not to be overlooked. After all, first impressions are everything, and this is certainly the case for your potential employer. An important quote that I read a lot is “dress for success”. But what does this exactly mean? Certainly don’t go for your most expensive designer clothes or do not waste time searching in expensive fashion magazines. Fortunately for us, men’s fashion is pretty straightforward; with some basics you can already put together a successful outfit.

When you finally get that long-awaited interview, you might as well be fully prepared. The ideal outfit depends on the job you are applying for. Therefore it is important that you first think carefully about what the normal dress code is on the work floor and start from this image. If you have an interview for a start-up business or a job where you do not come in direct contact with customers you can choose for rather a casual outfit, however, make sure to keep it formal. Interviews for a professional position are of a completely different kind, for this interview you better go for a two-piece suit with tie and dress shoes. This look, however, is well known by most men so what I will show you today are some of my favourite outfits that are perfect for a job in a smart casual environment.

Outfit 1

Wearing a white shirt is always a good start. Combine this with a wool sweater and dressed chinos and you have the perfect outfit. Moreover, I combined soft earthy colours, which are easy to combine.

Outfit 2

The next outfit is a little more casual. I wear the shirt out of my pants but I keep it formal by wearing it with a dark blue cardigan. Dark blue is an ideal colour choice; it matches with many other colours like white, light blue, pink, yellow or green. The dark brown suede jacket I’m wearing is very convenient if you have your interview on a chilly windy day, it also has a rich suede fabric that exudes class and style.

Outfit 3

A well-fitting blazer is both business formal and business casual. Dressed up with a beautiful tie and velvet pants makes this a very successful look for a job interview. Fabrics such as velvet bring extra texture to your outfit that makes it more sophisticated compared to a plain ensemble.

Outfit 4

The last outfit starts from dark blue again, this time combined with white and light blue. I’m wearing this white cable sweater to also give it that extra texture. I’m wearing dark blue dress trousers but you can also wear it with dark jeans if you want a more relaxed outfit. Please note that your jeans shouldn’t be washed off if you do opt for jeans.

Finally, I will also give you some tips on garments that are absolutely out of the question when you go for a job interview. Most are pretty obvious, but I will still give them briefly.

• Never wear T-shirts with slogans or advertising, your favourite band may be close to your heart, it does not give a good first impression to your employer.
• Although I personally am a big fan them, never wear ripped jeans, this is just too casual.
• Flip-flops and white sneakers are a no go, please stick to those beautiful dress shoes.
• If you have an interview during the summer months, I understand you don’t want to feel any more hot or nervous during your interview but you should not wear loose shorts and tank tops
• Finally, “take it easy on the perfume,” you do not want that overwhelming perfume to be the first or the last impression your interviewer notices about you.

I hope I could inspire you with this article on how to dress for that very important job interview. You know it; think carefully about what you’re going to be wearing that day. Perhaps one last tip, take everything ready the night before, including shoes, socks and underwear. Check if they do not have stains, ruptures or exhibit wrinkling. You want to feel good that day and looking good is an important part of that feeling!

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