When Less Is More,White Gets Core!

Pause yourselves for an instant. Look around. Take a cue from street style experts and attempt head-to-toe dressing exclusively in one hue this season!

Chidozie Obasi

A definable artform or a simple trend lust? Well well, my tenacious shoppers, both options seem fairly accurate to me, having been an abiding fan of one tone attires since a young age.

Please note: if you feel to regularly be “disaster-prone” (spilling drinks or dropping food onto surfaces), inherently mucky (my sincerest apologies, however there’s people who just are), or always on the move: then perhaps this feature isn’t the perfect fit for your needs.

Nonetheless, if you think that experimental dressing has been your long-term cup of tea, are searching for innovative ways to sleek up your Spring ensembles and want to make a striking impression at your work meeting, the all-white dressing approach could be the most charming you’ve yet come across.

Coaching us how it’s done on this occasion is Guido Milani. The Italian macro-influencer who – unequivocally – retains a subtle yet compelling trend charisma, is indisputably able to pull off the one tone dress code like only very few can (take a cheeky look at his style below).

When the time occurs and you need to opt for street and chic lightweight cover-up jackets or colourful accessories, fear no more: ACT less critical, but PLAY it minimal!

Photo credit : Sara Mautone, Kuba Dabroeski, Jimin Jeon


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