Where to find the trams of Lisbon?

Something that for us wasn’t easy or perhaps we just made it ourself a bit more difficult then it actually was. We wanted to take the perfect shot with a typical yellow coloured tram in the background.  Like D-oh!
Easier said then done. I guess we were also a bit lost and we didn’t do any proper research to find these perfect shoot locations featuring the trams.
Because, I personally thought it would all be very obvious in Lisbon, like they should be everywhere. And they are! – They kinda are – But Lisbon is just too big. And if your’e looking for those kinda narrow streets you’ve seen on a postcard, then you should go to a tram stop and take tram number 28. This is the longest tram route in Lisbon and it arrives every 11 minutes. This route leads you through different areas in Lisbon and is the prefect way to discover the city. Be aware of pickpockets as this is the most busy route of all. Try to go in the mornings or evening when the passenger numbers are the lowest. If you’ve managed to grab a window seat, the Lisbon tram 28 will reward you with an amazing view across the cute little streets of Lisbon. And whenever you thinks it’s cool to hop off or hop on again, Do it! Have fun!

Also the very famous train that goes up and down on the famous hill is right here:
Elevador da Bica – R. da Bica de Duarte Belo 1
After you did this you can have a bite at the foodmarket, it’s just around the corner downstairs.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Photography by Lotte Torfs with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
In partnership with Strellson ind. story and production all by me.


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