Why you should buy the Gucci Slip-ons?


These slip-ons have been trending for a while now, -around two seasons- particularly in womens and menswear, but we’re finally seeing them all the more in the streets. With these slip-ons, you’ll still be lowkey trendsetting though, as they’re pretty trendy in the fashion scene at the moment. Usually just as everything is once cool in the fashion scene, sooner or later it catches on and becomes mainstream. This is simply how trends work. I might even be late for the fashion scene, so let me get that straight away. So my thoughts on the slip-ons are firstly that they’re quite pricey and secondly, that I found myself forever indecisive between them and the regular loafers. Loafers are more timeless and can also be worn during winter, this pair -not so much. They can still be worn in spring, summer and autumn though. Which is still three seasons long.

Let me take you to this stunning location in Marrakech. It’s one of the villas you can stay at in Es Saadi. We were there to enjoy an afternoon at the spa, but we also took some time to shoot my new pair of Gucci’s. I dressed up in white pleated trousers, and an easy black tank top. – See shop links below.

Let me know in the comments below, if you would wear these kind of loafers, or if you’d rather go for the regular ones.

Photography by Dennis Van Peel with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Tank top by H&M | Shop here
Pleated trousers by Zara | Shop here
Slippers by Gucci | Shop here
Bracelets c/o TAWO Amsterdam | Shop here


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