Why You Should Drink 2L Of Water Daily

Noah Sapon

Nowadays it’s fairly common knowledge that we should drink water everyday, but most of us don’t know how much to drink or what the benefits even are!  There’s a lot of debates online about it and, in the end, it does vary per person, but this is why drinking, on average, 2 litres a day will improve your life!

Many health authorities recommend the 8×8 rule, which advices you to drink 8 8 ounce glasses of water everyday – this adds up to just under 2 litres.  Your first glass should be first thing in the morning as it flushes out toxins and will make you feel much more ready for the day ahead.  However, the 8×8 rule is just an estimate and doesn’t have any real scientific backup; you don’t need to be walking around with an empty glass, ready fill it up every 2 hours in order to keep healthy, but it has been proven to help you in a lot of other ways.

Drinking around 2l of water everyday will keep you hydrated which is very important for your brain.  It’s been proven that mild dehydration (1–3% of body weight) can harm many aspects of brain function, such as energy, mood, concentration and endurance.

Water also hydrates your skin and acts as a moisturiser, but from the inside out!  There isn’t a lot of scientific backing to prove this either, but any makeup artist or skincare expert will confirm that water does help to keep your skin glowy, clear and rejuvenated.

Furthermore, it can also help you lose weight.  Research has shown that drinking 2 litres increases energy expenditure by around 96 calories every day!  Having a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal can also reduce the amount of calories you end up consuming.

As much as there is a lack of scientific backup to prove exactly just how much water you should drink per day, a daily intake of 2 litres does have it’s benefits and will have you feeling much more energetic and on-point.  I’d advice carrying a 2l bottle of water with you everywhere you go and finishing it before you go to bed.



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