Winter Palms – Featuring Burton Snowboards

Matthias Geerts
Hi guys,

You have probably already seen it on my social media but here is 
my official post for Burton Snowboards
I am so lucky to say that Burton was so kind to 
supply with a complete outfit and all the gear for my winter holiday. 
Burton is kind of the largest snowboard brand in the world so I am
 pretty honored to work with them since I’m not a professional snowboarder myself.
When I was looking for the outfit I was surprised with the convenience of their web shop. 
Everything is nicely organized, you can choose on warmth, water-resistance, fit, colors and 
lots more, which makes it very easy to find the right items of your personal need. 
They even have an “outfitter: mix and match” section 
where you can match the items you’ve selected. 
The floral printed [ak] Cyclic Jacket I choose was great. 
It was a lightweight design making it very comfortable and perfect as an all-season jacket. 
Still it was warm enough, providing a superb shell against wind and water. 
The fabric was perfectly waterproof but it still had a great breathability. 
I can’t find anything negative about this jacket, 
the quality was amazing and the fit and print is just super fancy. 
I love it. 
I combined it with simple design blue pants, also of great quality. 
It was just the perfect match with my jacket!

If you go snowboarding you need something more then just a jacket and pants. 
You need some protecting as well. First of all you need to protect your head, a black helmet
 with blue details seemed just right, it was a nice fit, I never had trouble feeling too tight in 
this helmet. The second important thing for protection is to protect your eyes against 
sunlight but maintaining perfect sight to see all the bumps on the slopes. 
My goggles from burton did that perfectly.

Finally I want to tell you something more about my hard gear meaning my boots, board and 
bindings. I’m not an expert in this field and I can’t really compare a lot from previous 
experiences since it was only my third year of snowboarding. 
However I can say that I really liked my boots, 
they were really firm giving me the control I wanted. 
Furthermore I really liked the convenience of the single-channel binding-mounting system
 of the board. 
It was very easy to handle and furthermore I was able to move the binding easily in all
 directions making it adjustable to my specific needs. 

I want to say one more big thank you to Burton for supplying me with all their gear. 
It was a pleasure to work with you and I couldn’t have been served in a better way.
 I hope to work with you again in the future! 

Thanks for reading guys, 
I hope you know which brand you should choose when you go for a snowboarding trip!
 Burton is the number one brand; they have everything you need and more!

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I’m wearing:
Jacket (c/o Burton Snowboards) Pants (c/o Burton Snowboards)
Goggle (c/o Burton Snowboards) – Helmet (c/o Burton Snowboards)
Board (c/o Burton Snowboards)

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