Wrangler And Opening Ceremony Revive The 90s Through A Street-Meets-Chic Range Of Functional Propositions

Chidozie Obasi

Nostalgic, edgy, and dearly buoyant: Wrangler and Opening Ceremony have teamed up in a new, refreshing collaboration, fronting a classic-meets-street take on seasonal fashion. On this occasion, Wrangler pairs with pioneering brand Opening ceremony in a project aimed to revive pieces from Wrangler’s archive. The design collection for Fall/Winter 2019 is an exact interpretation of key styles Wrangler heaped on in US superstores during the 90s, when Americans were acquiring cargo pants, wide leg jeans and graphic tees. Oversized silhouettes were bountiful, fabrics were hefty and resilient, and the identity was fluid, too.




Entitled Value, the collection comes from the big-box department stores where styles of such kind were ever so celebrated (picture the idea that people threw a pair of jeans into their shopping nasket, while out buying groceries or household goods). The apparel category juxtaposes Wrangler’s immersive retail experience and Opening Ceremony’s curated, cultural approach to fashion that has turned the band into an international creative community. Value also highlights the dogmas of the Wrangler brand. The collection is made in a limited quantity. The cotton utilised is organic, served to reinterpret the ever-changing connotation of the term “value” today, alongside Wrangler’s continuing devotion to nourishing a sustainable spirit.


Drawing on Wrangler’s extensive western heritage, and the street style looks it adopted during the 80s and 90s, the Value collection features a seizing philosophy that allows for all identities to wear the collection. On a style note, the range’s pretty tantalising: spanning from checked shirts, short-yet-long sleeved tees, bold graphics, and bold colour-blocking, the apparel offers a retro feel to the clothing overall. Denim jackets are boxy-structured, and jeans, dungarees and denim cargo pants tend to go wide. Elsewhere zip-off sleeves on jackets and legs on jeans change the look, fronting a play on experimental practicality and functionalism.

The collection will be available exclusively at Opening Ceremony stores and at openingceremony.com.


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