Yellow laces

Matthias Geerts



Monday, The most productive day of the week.. Not completely true in my case. 🙂
Slowly waking up & cleaning up my room after a hectic weekend, as in the mornings this is about the most productive thing I can do. After that I have a quick breakfast before opening my Macbook again. Caught up all my emails yesterday already so luckily I don’t need to do that anymore.. Otherwise that pretty much takes in my whole Monday.

Later today I’m heading out for late lunch with Jan, but probably also to shoot a new outfit.
Here I’m wearing another casual outfit, perfect to hop from one meeting to another, or to go to your work, or whatever you do on a Monday when you’re not having a day off.
I combined it with this new pair of Timberlands together with a cosy blue coat, which I haven’t worn in a while. Always fun wearing pieces you totally forgot if you even had them.. Guess that’s a blogger problem. (Sorry about that) This pair also has the Sensorflex technology, which makes it even easier to love! If you can’t wait to get a pair yourself, check out the details below.

Oh I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram stories later today so be sure to check that out.

Enjoy the new week! 😉






Photography by Jens Fissers with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
In partnership with Timberland ind. story and production all by me.


Coat c/o L.B.M 1911 by Lubiam | Shop here
Shirt by Selected Homme | Similar here
Tee c/o All Saints | Similar here
Jeans c/o Hollister Co. | Shop here
Watch c/o Kapten and Son | Shop here
Shades c/o Ray Ban | Shop here
Sneakers c/o Timberland | Shop here


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