You’re Next – Halloween

Matthias Geerts

Hey Guys!!


Ready for Halloween?
Well I am as you can see…


Springfield has asked me to join the bloggers Halloween challenge.
All over Europe bloggers were asked to participate the challenge,
Everyone with his or her own story about one of their favorite horror films.


I am actually a big fan of horror films so it was a tuff decision for me. 
Eventually I chose for “You’re next”, a very smart and terrifying film. 
It reinvents the genre by putting a fresh twist on home-invasion horror. 
The story is about a gang of masked, ax-wielding murderers descending upon a family reunion. 
I won’t tell more because that would ruin the excitement, but I promise you will shiver on your seat when watching it. 


My rabbit mask and black outfit were just right enough to represent the psychopathic murderers of the movie. 


I mixed both night and day pictures to give you a better idea on how to wear the outfit. 
It’s a casual autumn look you can wear on a regular day but it’s really fashionable because black is really trending at the moment.

Moreover it’s excellent for a Halloween party. 

Just give it an extra touch like I did 😉

If you like, leave a comment below 😉
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I’m wearing:
Sweater(c/o Springfield) 
Black Jeans (c/o Springfield)


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